How Double Gift Certificates Work?
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Thursday, May 08, 2014
By Chanel Apsey
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Our Double Gift Certifiates are simple.....Whatever money you put down up to $250, I will match! Although it is fairly simple we do have to write it up differently on the reciept that you recieve in the beginning vs. the final reciept.

Below you will see what the payment looks like when you pay $250 by check and then YRMS matching the amount credited to your account. You will see the balance says -$500 credit!


It would be simple if I could leave it as $250 YRMS GIFT CERTIFICATE however, my accountant noticed a few years ago that I had "Gift Certificate" income that was not accounted for and so we now have to put it in as a discount on your final invoice. See the example below! The YRMS Gift Certificate is not shown as payment but is now put in as a discount.

We have had a few clients question where we put their "double gift certiciate" but once we point out that we put it in as a discount it is always clear that we are still matching their payment!


As always thought please let us know if there is anything that you question on your invoice!


Thank you so much!






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