About Chanel

Since childhood, one of my greatest passions in life has been capturing special memories of loved ones on film. Thoughout childhood, highschool and early college, I was always taking pictures and getting them developed at the one hour labs because I wanted to see the results right away! Thank goodness that digital photography came along just as I was starting my business in 2002.

Although I have always wanted to “seize the moment” so to speak. Now that I am a mom myself I realize how quickly our little ones change and how fleeting life is without making it pause briefly enough to capture right now… My mom always says that "without my constant sense of timing all our family memorabilia would not have been the same".

My ultimate love is to take pictures of children. As you will see I am very patient and children seem to know that I care for them. Those little hands that hold yours and those little feet that walk beside you are such brief pauses in the landscape of life. Don’t miss them. They are just too precious.

From maternity, to newborn, to babies, to toddlers, to youth of all ages, for senior pictures, to adulthood, for graduations, for engagements, at birthdays and extended family gatherings I love to help you “seize these moments”. Helping create the moments in the way that make your unique lives more memorable for years to come is my passion. Capturing candid, natural expressions is my goal.  To create portraits that reflect the innermost beauty of your loved ones and that the experience be a joyful and positive one for everyone involved.

I am proud a member of the Professional Photographers of America (2003), Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (2009) and the Associated Professional Photographers of Illinois(2003) with out these amazing organizations, I would not be challanged to be the photographer that I am today!